Introducing the Galatea Momento Collection

Save Your Precious Moments in a Pearl

If a gem could speak, what would it say? Traditional lockets can hold a loved one's picture, but Momento jewelry can hold their voice. The Galatea Momento Pearl is hand-carved and embedded with an NFC (near field communication) chip so you can share your special moments with a loved one using an Android or iPhone. It's like a digital locket that will live next to their heart forever.

Using the Galatea app, a voice message can be recorded and played back whenever the Momento pearl touches the enabled NFC mobile phone or other NFC devices. Images, texts, and web links can also be uploaded and saved for posterity. Galatea is the first jewelry company in the world that offer NFC Jewelry, diamond and gem that is interactive with iPhone 7, 8, 10, and NFC enabled Android Phones. The Momento Collection is an incredible blend of traditional jewelry and technology, available only from Galatea: Jewelry by Artist.

More Collections from Galatea: Jewelry by Artist

Galatea DavinChi Cut™ Collection

The DavinChi Cut is a new gemstone cut which has the ability to absorb colors, light, or images into the gem from its surroundings. This magical illussion makes the gem change colors when viewed from different angles and different point of view.

Galatea Diamond in a Pearl™ Collection

When an oyster swallows a grain of sand, it begins to ease the pain by applying a coat of nacre (pearl). It is during this healing process that it creates a beautiful pearl. The diamond represents the grain of sand and the pearl evokes an aura of courage, love, and healing that is embedded deep within the soul.

Galatea Hawaii Collection

The Hawaii Collection takes hand-carved pearls, sterling silver, mother-of-pearl and glistening rubies and combines them to create a celebration of nature's most beautiful creatures. "Become One with Nature" when you wear Galatea's Hawaii carved pearl jewelry.

Galatea Carved Pearl Collection

At Galatea, the act of carving a pearl is about more than just creating a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is about unleashing the creative spirit and in doing so, creating a symbol of originality and individualism. Galatea Carved Pearls are truly "pearls without boundaries", created for those who wish to be free, to see beyond the obvious and wear something beautiful and unique.

Galatea Galaxia™ Collection

Like the stars and interstellar particles that make up a galaxy, the Galaxia™ Pearl Collection from Galatea sparkles with its own galaxy of lab-grown diamond druzy. This spectacular jewelry features a patent-pending bonding process that allows hundreds of the tiny, dazzling particles to permanently adhere to pearls and precious metals, creating all the sparkle and brilliance of traditionally set gemstones. With each piece of Galaxia jewelry, thousands of lab-grown "baby diamonds" are set without using glue or prongs, causing them to dance in the light.

Galatea: Jewelry by Artist

Many of Galatea products are patented. The Galatea Pearl™ , the world's first cultured pearl with a colored nucleus that is hand-carved to let the color shine through, is just one extraordinary example of jewelry so unique, it must be seen to be believed. 

Galatea's carved pearls are truly "Pearls without Boundaries". Known throughout the world for extraordinary beauty, Galatea's carved Tahitian, golden South Sea and freshwater pearls are miniature works of art. Whether used in a solitaire setting or as part of a complete strand, Galatea carved pearls are like no other pearl in the world. 

And there is so much more: Galatea never stops creating and never stops inventing. We invite you to explore the extraordinary world of Galatea: Jewelry by Artist.