Channel-Set Engagement Rings in Chicago

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Glamorous Channel-set Engagement Rings in Chicago

Our collection of channel-set engagement rings in Chicago is sure to provide an excellent option for your loved one. “Channel-set” refers to stones in a deep groove, cut part way around the ring. The stones in the track lead up to the centrally mounted stone of your choosing.  

Our extensive range of channel-set Chicago engagement rings offers something for everyone, promising a ring that your future spouse will love. Our top gemologists and jewelry experts are on hand to answer all your questions about the best channel-set engagement rings in Chicago.  

What are Chicago Channel-set Engagement Rings?

Channel-set engagement rings showcase stones in a grooved ring that accentuates a centrally mounted stone of your choosing. The body of the grooved ring and main frame are cast as one, and the accessory stones are mounted afterward. Central diamonds may need to be purchased separately, depending on preference or ring design, but we allow you to personalize your ring to your exact specifications.

The channel-set style of engagement ring is thought to have originated in the 1920s during the Art Deco era. Channel-set rings are sleek, slim, and sophisticated. From afar, they appear as a band of diamonds or other stones around the wearer's finger, which is part of their charm. The process of setting them is quite technical and precise. No welding or other affixing takes place, hence the mystery and high desirability. Channel-set rings require a high degree of precision to hold the stones in place, and the stones must be cut exactly the same. This is why they are popular for weddings and other occasions: they are rare, high-quality items.

Why Purchase Channel-set Engagement Rings in Chicago?

Our Chicago channel-set engagement rings are simply one-of-a-kind. They are memorable gifts that last a lifetime and are sure to make your loved one the center of attention in any room. The diamonds set in the grooved ring give the impression of wearing a band of jewels. The surrounding diamonds accentuate the masterpiece that is the central diamond.

What is the Price of Chicago Channel-set Engagement Rings?

You can simply browse our website to find the prices of our beautiful Chicago channel-set engagement rings. Note that central stones may need to be purchased separately. Our jewelry experts can help you choose the best option based on personal preferences and what your gift recipient or future fiancée may want. You can find many variations of channel-set rings on our website, as we carry the most popular styles and guarantee your satisfaction with each recommendation. 

Should I Get a Channel-set Engagement Ring?

The channel-set ring is ideal for nearly any budget, but other ring styles may also be good options. When you come to Bella Cosa Jewelers, one of our team members will guide you through the process of finding the right ring. Our recommendations may include a channel-set engagement ring in Chicago, or we may suggest other styles like halo, classic, cluster, or many others. Above all, we are committed to helping you find the perfect ring that exceeds all expectations.

Get The World's Best Diamonds in Chicago, IL

Bella Cosa Jewelers is proud to use only the world's finest diamonds in the Chicago channel-set engagement rings selection. Each diamond has been graded by the Gemological Institute of America, and on top of that, we personally test our diamonds to ensure they meet our high standards. Each of our channel-set rings is constructed with world-class diamonds, making our rings truly unique and stunning.

Learn more about any of our channel-set Chicago engagement rings on this page by clicking on any ring. Then, contact our Chicago jewelry store with your questions and let us help you find her perfect ring!