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Find Your Next Classic Look with Our Cluster Engagement Rings in Chicago, IL

What are Cluster Engagement Rings?

An engagement ring in Chicago can be an excellent choice if you get it in a cluster, which can offer multiple looks but still feel “old-school” in its distinctive way. If you like having multiple cuts within a single diamond or stone in your ring, then a cluster engagement ring should be what you ask for when you visit the jeweler. An assortment of stones or diamonds, all clustered together nicely, is what you get. Usually, the stones are small but come together to form a larger, single-clustered unit. Some call this multi-colored cluster ring a “rainbow ring.” In this case, such a ring is composed of multiple varied kinds of stones, gems, sapphire bits, and more, which all come together to form this multi-colored extravaganza. 

Typically, this type of cluster ring is given to a more perky or upbeat personality, someone who likes to add the extra spice of flavor to their daily walk, someone boasting that extra spring in their step. Happy personas love these cluster rings the most as they complement and accentuate their best qualities altogether. Many such rings come in a perfectly asymmetrical look and feel, too.

Why Consider Cluster Engagement Rings?

Those who enjoy a more visible sparkle (whether to match their vibrant personalities or not) certainly benefit from getting cluster rings. Since multiple stones come together in contrast, the shine is always brighter on these rings, looking elegant and attracting immediate attention. It’s hard to miss the shine! In addition, these rings tend to be more affordable but can appear costlier due to their immaculate shine and aesthetic appeal. It’s a known fact that many who can’t quite afford full diamond solitaires on their limited budgets opt-in for these rings instead and are equally satisfied. 

Moreover, the standard price point on these rings ranges from only $1,000-$10,000 apiece. Note the significant difference from other kinds of rings. Keep in mind the size can also affect the price, and not all fingers are the same. Additionally, clustered engagement rings traditionally feature a big stone lying in the center (surrounded by several smaller stones or stone cuts, respectively). This is known as a ‘halo’ look, with the main gem sitting right in the middle. Those who don’t prefer this look are also free to opt for various other arrangements featuring multiple stones in the center, each cut and angled differently. 

Get Your Finest Classic Engagement Rings in Chicago IL 

Consider us for your next Chicago cluster engagement ring. Our styles offer endless looks for endless brides or grooms, and what you’ll find each time is something that delivers on its promise. Our products are made of the best trims and materials, built to last through any lifetime. If you need something that will stay with you (and your spouse) forever, then browse what we’ve got to offer. 

We sell the best classic engagement rings in Chicago. We promise it, especially if you like buying in clusters. Contact us today to learn more.