Limited Lifetime Warranty

Bella Cosa Jewelers FREE Lifetime Warranty

Thank you for choosing Bella Cosa Jewelers to help you celebrate this special moment in your life. Bella Cosa Jewelers makes this commitment to give you peace of mind when you wear your new jewelry. Provided free of charge on all engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond jewelry, and gemstone jewelry.

• Polishing & Rhodium Plating
• Accent Diamond Replacement (under 0.20 Carats)
• Accent Gemstone Replacement (under 0.20 Carats)
• Stone Tightening
• Lifetime Appraisal Updates
• Lifetime Clean & Check

Terms and Conditions
Provided that the following terms and conditions are satisfied, Bella Cosa Jewelers will replace lost gemstones under .20 carats and tighten, clean, and polish your new piece of jewelry for as long as you own the item listed on the warranty.

Any repairs or cleanings performed on your jewelry by anyone other than Bella Cosa Jewelers will VOID this warranty. This includes, but is not limited to: cleaning, polishing, sizing and tightening.

The warranty document indicates a signed Record of Inspection at Bella Cosa Jewelers every 6 months. Failure to have a new piece of jewelry inspected within each 6 month Inspection Period shall VOID this warranty.

At the time of inspection, Bella Cosa Jewelers may suggest repairs that are not covered under this warranty, for an additional charge. The repairs must be made at the time of inspection to preserve the warranty. This includes, but is not limited to, replacement of diamonds and other gemstones that are chipped, broken, or damaged, and repairs to prongs, channels, and ring foundation.

The jewelry item submitted for warranty cannot indicate any unusual wear, damage or abuse.

Bella Cosa Jewelers will polish your jewelry for free, up to one time per year, for as long as you own it. A maintenance polish will give your piece of jewelry that new look. In order to save metal, deep scratches will not be removed.

Having Bella Cosa Jewelers check and clean your jewelry does not guarantee from loss any gemstone over .20 carats.

Wearing a piece of jewelry over a period of time may put enough wear on the piece of jewelry that it is no longer repairable. Bella Cosa Jewelers will not replace a gemstone or perform any maintenance on a piece of jewelry, if in its sole discretion, the piece of jewelry is deemed no longer repairable. In most cases, a new piece could be made using the gemstones from the original ring and normal charges will apply. This warranty does not cover remaking a new piece of jewelry.

If a colored stone or colored diamond is covered under this warranty, Bella Cosa Jewelers will use the best match available to the existing gemstones. We do not guarantee a perfect match. If a match cannot be found, the client may substitute another gemstone of equal or lesser value.

It is recommended that private insurance be acquired to cover risks of loss or damage not covered by this warranty.

This warranty may not be transferred to another person and does not cover accidental loss, theft or damage to the gemstones or mounting.

Bella Cosa Jewelers reserves the right to cancel or amend this warranty at any time. The warranty is limited to the items expressly stated herein and excludes any implied warranties.