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Elegant Solitaire Engagement Rings In Chicago

Our collection of solitaire engagement rings in Chicago is sure to offer beautiful and classic for your sweetheart. The solitaire style is timeless and sparkling, with a single diamond perched atop a classic band. This style has been prominent since the 1,800's, starting with Tiffany & Co. launching their infamous six-claw diamond solitaire setting. 

This style had already been prominent in engagement rings of this era, but Charles Louis Tiffany’s rendition solidified its eternal place in engagement ring history.

We offer a wide range of solitaire Chicago engagement rings to choose from, no matter what your preferences are. Our gemologists and jewelry experts are on hand to answer all and any questions about the best solitaire engagement rings in Chicago, Il.

Why Purchase Solitaire Engagement Rings in Chicago?

Our Chicago solitaire engagement rings are truly elegant. They captivate anyone present with their dazzling diamonds and are a memorable gift that lasts a lifetime. The large single diamond with a beautiful platinum or gold setting can be absolutely stunning. 

What is the Price of Chicago Solitaire Engagement Rings?

You can find the pricing of a Chicago solitaire engagement ring directly through our website. Main stones may need to be purchased separately. Our jewelry experts can help you choose the best option for your sweetheart based on your preferences and what your gift recipient/fiancée will love. There are many variations of solitaire rings to be found on our website, as we always carry the most popular styles and guarantee your satisfaction with our recommendations.  

Should I Get a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

The solitaire ring is suitable for a wide variety of budgets, but other ring styles may also be good options. When you work with Bella Cosa Jewelers, one of our jewelry experts will guide you through the process of finding the ring your loved one will adore. Our recommendations may include a solitaire engagement ring in Chicago, or we may recommend a halo, channel-set, cluster, or another style. We are dedicated to helping you find a flawless ring that exceeds all expectations.

Get The World's Best Diamonds Here in Chicago

Bella Cosa Jewelers has built a strong reputation by providing the world's finest diamonds within our Chicago solitaire engagement ring selection. Each diamond has been graded by the Gemological Institute of America, and we also personally test our diamonds to ensure they meet our strict quality control standards. Each one of our solitaire rings is constructed with world-class diamonds, making our rings truly unique and breathtaking.

For more information about any of our solitaire Chicago engagement rings, simply click on any ring for more details. Contact our Chicago jewelry store with any questions you may have as you search for the ring of her dreams!