Guide to Anniversary Jewelry

Celebrate the milestones of your marriage with these anniversary gifts from Bella Cosa Jewelers. Each anniversary can be represented by a gift of gemstones or a metal used in jewelry. Browse our anniversary gift ideas to find the perfect gift and make this year as happy and memorable as all the years you've shared together.

Anniversary Jewelry by Year

1st Year - Gold

2nd Year - Garnet

3rd Year - Pearl

4th Year - Blue Topaz

5th Year - Sapphire

6th Year - Amethyst

7th Year - Black Onyx

8th Year - Tourmaline

9th Year - Lapis Lazuli

10th Year - Diamond

11th Year - Turquoise

12th Year - Jade

13th Year - Citrine

14th Year - Opal

15th Year - Ruby

16th Year - Peridot

20th Year - Emerald

30th Year - Pearl

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