Mother's Heart jewelry starting at $199


Mother's Heart 

A gift to keep her children close to her heart, our Mother’s Heart necklace features the mother’s birthstone on the heart-shaped bail and up to six children’s birthstones moving inside a heart pendant. The personalized Mother's Heart necklace is the perfect Mother's Day gift she will always remember and cherish.

Made with genuine gemstones. Starting in sterling silver with one heart at $199. Available in all birthstones listed below. Also available in 14K white, yellow, or rose gold.

Measurement: 0.83" wide x 1" tall

Designed, manufactured and sold exclusively by Bella Cosa Jewelers. 

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Garnet is the gem of Janurary

January - Garnet

Amethyst is the gem of Feburary

February - Amethyst

Aquamarine is the gem of March

March - Aquamarine

Diamond is the gem of April

April - Diamond

Emerald is the gem of May

May - Emerald

Alexandrite is the gem of June

June - Alexandrite

Ruby is the gem of July

July - Ruby

Peridot is the gem of August

August - Peridot

Sapphire is the gem of September

September - Sapphire

Tourmaline is the gem of October

October - Tourmaline

Citrine is the gem of November

November - Citrine

Zircon is the gem of December

December - Blue Zircon

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