How Should An Engagement Ring Fit?

How Should An Engagement Ring Fit?

Selecting the right engagement ring is the first step in creating a lifetime of memories for a couple. Of course, part of the selection process involves ensuring an engagement ring will fit securely, yet comfortably. Here are some key points to consider when determining how an engagement ring should fit.

How Can You Tell If Your Engagement Ring Fits?
In general, an engagement ring is the right size when the diamond is able to rest centered on the finger, yet the ring is loose enough for the wearer to manually spin and twist the ring around their finger, with only a moderate amount of friction.

What If The Ring Feels Tight?
It's not uncommon for a ring to feel a bit snugger during the evening than in the morning. This can be due to salt intake, or even stress. However, the snugness should not persist. If the ring wearer experiences any of the following, it could be an indication that the engagement ring is too tight.

  • Pain or discomfort around the ring area.
  • Skin indentations where the ring resides on the finger.
  • Circulation issues.
Keep in mind that stacked rings (when the wedding ring is placed on the finger) feel somewhat tighter than when worn separately, and a thicker engagement band will feel tighter than a thin one.

What Affects Your Ring Size?
Your finger size will fluctuate a full finger size depending on the time of day, the weather outside and other factors. Picking a size that will fit you most of the time is important to being happy with the fit of your ring. That means taking into account outside factors that are affecting the size of your finger at the time you are having your finger sized.
  • Exercise
  • Weather
  • Food
Also, when you have your finger sized, make note if your hands are hot or cold. If they are usually cold and are cold when you are having your finger sized the size you pick will be spot on. If your hands are hot when you size your finger, it may end up being too big.

Is Your Ring Size The Same On Both Hands?
This might come as a surprise to many of you but your right and left hand have different finger sizes for each finger. Therefore, if you would like to wear a ring on another finger, you must have that finger sized as well.

What Ring Sizer Should You Use?
There are many different types of ring sizers. Comfort fit, wide, thin, ¼ sizers, ½ sizers. Using the correct sizer is important to obtaining the right fit. Select a sizer that is closest to your ring width.

Did I Select The Right Finger Size?
After you have had the ring sized and are wearing it for a few days you will notice the difference in how the ring fits at different times. The ring should never feel like it was going to slip off during this time. The top of the ring should not have slipped all the way around. There may have been times that it felt too tight, but these times should not have been persistent.

If you'd like to know more about selecting the perfect engagement ring in the right size, please contact us!