Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring on Your Wedding Day?

Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring on Your Wedding Day?


The question of whether or not to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day is one that many soon-to-be brides and grooms often ponder. With the excitement of the big day, it's natural to wonder how your precious piece of jewelry fits into the ceremony. In this comprehensive guide, we're going to explore the customs, traditions, and practical aspects surrounding the engagement ring on the wedding day.

What is the Symbolism of an Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring holds a wealth of symbolism. A beautiful testament to commitment, it marks the promise of a future together. Its circular shape signifies infinite love, while the precious gemstone – often a diamond – represents the enduring, unbreakable bond between two individuals.

Traditions Surrounding Engagement Rings and Wedding Days

There are a few traditions tied to the wearing of an engagement ring on the wedding day. In some cultures, brides move their engagement ring to their right hand, making space on the left ring finger for the wedding band. This tradition stems from the belief that the left ring finger houses a vein (vena amoris) directly connected to the heart.

Practical Considerations: To Wear or Not to Wear?

Safety and Security

A critical factor that may determine if you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day is safety. Some brides may fear damaging or losing their ring in the frenzy of activities, so they choose to leave it safely stored until after the ceremony.


Professional photographers often capture detailed shots of the rings on the wedding day. If you wish to have your engagement ring featured in these photographs, wearing it would be ideal.

Comfort and Fit

How the engagement ring fits with the wedding band is another important consideration. If the rings are part of a bridal set designed to fit together, then wearing both could be the most comfortable and visually appealing choice.

Common Engagement Ring Etiquette on the Wedding Day

Prior to the Ceremony

Typically, the bride wears her engagement ring as usual prior to the ceremony. It serves as a beautiful accessory to the bridal outfit, and it's customary for it to be included in the 'getting ready' photos.

During the Ceremony

There are a few options for what to do with your engagement ring during the ceremony:

  1. Move to the Right Hand: This is a common practice that allows the wedding band to be placed on the left ring finger first, aligning with the belief that the wedding band should be closer to the heart.
  2. Have a Trusted Person Hold It: Some brides choose to entrust their engagement ring to a trusted bridesmaid or family member during the ceremony, then reunite it with the wedding band afterward.
  3. Wear It on the Left Hand: In this scenario, the groom places the wedding band on the bride's left ring finger, atop the engagement ring. After the ceremony, the bride can rearrange the rings as she chooses.

After the Ceremony

After the ceremony, it's common for the bride to place her engagement ring back on her left ring finger, in front of the wedding band. This placement symbolizes the chronological order of the commitment – engagement followed by marriage.

The Decision is Yours

Ultimately, whether or not you choose to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day is a deeply personal decision. While there are traditions and practical aspects to consider, what matters most is what feels right and meaningful for you and your partner.


The decision to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day is one steeped in personal preference, cultural traditions, and practical considerations. While it's important to understand the traditions and symbolism involved, the choice ultimately belongs to you, the wearer of the ring.

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In the end, whatever decision you make regarding your engagement ring on your wedding day, remember that it should make your day all the more memorable.