Diamond Melee Replacement

Have you lost a melee diamond in your pave set engagement ring?

We offer diamond melee replacement and, with a large selection of melee in stock, we are able to match the quality of your existing diamonds.

How to avoid losing melee diamonds from my diamond jewelry?

If you have a prong setting jewelry, be on the lookout for worn prongs. You should check regularly to see if any of the prongs are bent or broken. We recommend having your jewelry inspected every six months to catch any loose stones, worn or bent prongs, etc.

How long does it take to get missing melee diamonds replaced?

Depends on the number of stones, stone size & quality, and if
additional prong repair is needed, it may take anywhere from 1 to 10 days to get the missing melees replaced. We will work with your schedule to make it convenient for you.

Will you be able to match my existing melee diamonds?

Yes, with a large selection of melee diamonds in stock, and access to over millions of diamonds, we will be able to match the quality of your existing melee diamonds.

How much does it cost to replace a melee?

Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands purchased from Bella Cosa Jewelers come with a free limited lifetime warranty, which covers lost diamonds under .20 carats. If an item was purchased from somewhere else, we will need to inspect the piece first in order to give you an accurate price quote.