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Bella Cosa Jewelers offers on-site stone checking and loose stone tightening services

Check and Tighten stones

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How to tell if my diamonds are loose in the setting?

An easy test to check for a loose center diamond with any ring is to take the ring close to your ear and hold it snugly on the foundation. Shake the ring back and forth and listen for any rattling sounds. If there is any movement in the stone or you hear any rattling noises, take the ring to us so that we can help you to tighten the center stone. For smaller side stones, we recommend you to bring it to us for a thorough check. We use a professional microscope to check for any loose stones in the setting.

Do you charge a fee to check my jewelry for loose stones?

No, we do not charge a fee to check your jewelry for loose stones. Better yet, we offer complimentary cleaning no matter if your jewelry is purchased from us or not. If we detect any loose stones we can tighten the stones for a small fee. If any loose stones are detected, they have to be tightened first before a complimentary cleaning. Cleaning a jewelry piece with loose stones may cause the loss of stones.