Fire Cushion

Fire Cushion®

FireCushion®, the world's most perfect alternative to an ideal Round diamond. FireCushion® represents a true breakthrough in diamond cutting. Here's why:

15% Lighter

You shouldn't have to pay for the weight you can't see, especially if that weight does not improve brilliance. FireCushion's precise cutting techniques result in a diamond with exceptional light performance and brilliance.

The two diamonds on the left are virtually identical in size, but the FireCushion is almost 20% lighter in weight (a significant cost saving). And you get this size advantage with no sacrifice in the diamond's life or brilliance.

FireCushion is 15% bigger than a typical cushion of same dimensions
FireCushion is 15% lighter than a typical cushion of same dimensions

15% Larger

FireCushions appear 15% larger than typical Cushions of the same weight. In fact, many appear far more than 15% larger. So a 1.00 carat FireCushion will appear about the same size as a 1.15 or larger typical Cushion.

The typical Cushion lacks brilliance, and features unnecessary extra belly (called half moon). However, the FireCushion's facets go directly from girdle to culet eliminating the extra belly and excess weight (while increasing brilliance).

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Fire Cushion