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Brilliance Diamond

Bella Cosa Jewelers is proud to introduce our very own signature diamond collection - Brilliance Diamond. We have gone through thousands of GIA and AGS graded loose diamonds and we have hand-selected the ones that meet our extremely strict standards.

This process means that each diamond has been carefully chosen to be considered a Brilliance Diamond. Each Brilliance Diamond comes with two certificates, one from GIA and one from AGS. These diamonds achieve the highest cut grade possible on both the GIA and AGS grading reports. Of the 4 Cs of diamond, cut is what matters the most as it can affect over 50% of the value of a diamond. Cut is what allows the diamond to sparkle and brings out the inner beauty. Just like every facet of your life matters, we believe "Every Facet Matters" when it comes to the diamond that will be part of your special moments forever.

When a diamond interacts with light, every facet affects the amount of light returned to the eye. Each facet of a Brilliance Diamond aligns precisely with all other facets, which enables the diamond to reflect and return to the eye the maximum light possible. This leads to the unprecedented brilliance, fire, and sparkle of a diamond. Simply put, when buying a Brilliance Diamond, you're getting the very best of the best.

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What Makes a Diamond Brilliance Diamond?

AGS 000

AGS Triple Zero


AGS Triple Zero is the highest cut grade that an AGS certified diamond can achieve. An AGS 000 means the diamond has an ideal "0" for symmetry, polish, and proportions.


GIA Triple Ex


GIA Triple Ex diamonds represent the highest cut grade that GIA awards. With Excellent polish, symmetry, and cut grades, Triple Ex diamonds have the best grades for these specifications of cut.

Strict Standards

Strict Standards

TABLE: 55% - 60% DEPTH: 59% - 62.5%

None or Faint Fluorescent
No brown, grey or green tints of color
No extremely thin or very thin girdles
No knots
No cloudy or milky diamonds

Ethically Sourced

Ethically Sourced Diamonds


All Brilliance diamonds are conflict-free and ethically sourced. At Bella Cosa Jewelers we only purchase from suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process and are concerned about the ethical and social issues that surround diamonds.

AGS Triple Zero Diamonds

AGS Triple Ideal

American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) uses a 0-10 grading scale with 0 being the best (Ideal). It is easy to understand: the highest possible grade is zero, and the lowest is 10. One can think of the top grade as having “zero deductions”. the AGS 0 grade is the world's strictest laboratory standard for Cut. An AGS000 or Triple zero is the absolute highest cut grade that a diamond can have. An AGS000 has unprecedented brilliance and fire. The very rare combination of ideal proportions, ideal polish and ideal symmetry result in an AGS000 or Triple Zero. It is extremely difficult to locate a diamond where all three cut factors are totally ideal.

GIA Triple Excellent

Cut quality is the factor that fuels a diamond's fire, sparkle, and brilliance. The GIA Diamond Cut Grading System for standard round diamonds is based on seven components: brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry. Each cut grade, based on a relative scale from Excellent to Poor, represents a range of proportion sets and face-up appearances. "Triple Excellent" means the diamond has achieved an excellent grade for cut, polish, and symmetry. However, GIA's excellent cut grade includes a wide range of cut parameters and not all triple excellent diamonds have top light performance. In order to be eligible to become a Brilliance Diamond™, a diamond has to meet other strict standards besides being a GIA Triple Ex.

GIA Triple Excellent Diamonds
GIA Anatomy of a Diamond

Strict Standards

To become a Brilliance Diamond™, a diamond has to meet many other strict standards other than being an AGS 000 and GIA Triple Ex.

TABLE: 55% - 60%

A diamond's table is the largest facet of the stone, compromising the flat surface on the top. The most ideal table for round diamonds is between 55%-60%. At this portion, the table is large enough to allow light to enter the diamond at the correct angles to reflect and refract off the smaller facets below. The result is a fiery and brilliant display.

DEPTH: 59% - 62.5%

Depth percentage is the depth divided by the with. The percentage dictates the overall proportions of the diamond, which in turn directly impact how light reflects off the facets in the diamond. The ideal depth for round diamonds is between 59%-62.5%, which allows light to bounce around the facets, creating that gorgeous, eye-catching sparkle.

More Requirements

None or Faint Fluorescent
No or very slight blue glow is emitted when the diamond is exposed to UV light. The diamond has no or minor elements cause the stone to fluoresce when exposed to UV light.

No Brown, Grey or Green Tints of Color
The shade of the body color of the diamond is not brownish, greenish or greyish.

No Extremely Thin or Very Thin Girdles
The girdle is the outer edge of the diamond. If very/extremely thin can allow the stone to chip during normal wear.

No Knots
Like a knot in a piece of wood, a natural crystal in the stone that reaches the surface. Under proper lighting conditions, a knot can often be seen with the naked eye.

No Cloudy or Milky Diamonds
Brilliance Diamond™ does not have a milky or cloudy appearance.

GIA Diamond Certificate
Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Ethically Sourced

At Bella Cosa Jewelers we only purchase from suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process and are concerned about the ethical and social issues that surround diamonds. All loose diamonds are purchased from De Beers sightholders who guarantee in writing that their diamonds are conflict-free.

What comes with your Brilliance Diamond?

GIA & AGS Certificate

Lifetime Diamond Upgrade

Each Brilliance Diamond is accompanied by its GIA and AGS grading certificates.

Lifetime Upgrade

Lifetime Diamond Upgrade

Any Brilliance Diamond may be traded in for credit, for the original purchase, on any future single diamond purchase*

Lifetime Buyback

Diamond Buy Back

We will buy back any Brilliance Diamond for any reason, at any time**

*The diamonds must be in the same condition as at the time of purchase and be accompanied by any reports and/or certificates. The new diamond selected should be double your original investment.
**This policy applies to ONLY the purchaser and is not transferable. The diamond must be in original condition and accompanied by any reports and/or certificates. Does not include original sales tax paid.